We are not your regular web agency. We are just like
you. In fact, we have been you - Entrepreneur who
needs a good website. We understand You.
We know what You need.


Web Design With
Your Customer
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Who We Are

We are a husband and wife team and we stand for good quality websites that help You grow your business.


Branding | SEO | Copywriting | Photography | Startup Consulting


Web Design | Web Development | Maintenance | Consultations

We believe in doing what you love. For us every client is unique and special and treated as such. Good level of spoken and written English and Skype allows us to work with clients form any English speaking country in the world be it UK, Australia, New Zealand, USA or Canada.

What We Do

There is no need to throw fancy terms at you that makes your head spin – the most important thing to know is that we are here to help You with everything your Website needs!

You are in the right place at the right time!


Branding is the basis of your communication with your perfect customer. It includes your website, e-commerce store your colors, tagline, your mission. After few conversations in person or on line, You’ll be left with style guide which is a great help when you are on your own.

Web Design

We create original web design. We believe in power of WordPress and Divi Nation. That’s why we work on those platforms. We love adding little twists to your page that makes it to stand out from the crowd.

Web Development

We make sure that everything on your website functions properly on every device. We do custom coding as well as use lots of different plug-ins that helps us to save You lots of money.

White Hat SEO

SEO is the most important part of your website. Without proper SEO your website is invisible to people. We do White Hat SEO - local and general. No extra expenses just links, keywords, good content and image optimization.

Original Copywriting

If you want your website to be visible, great content is a must. You need to write in the way that’s useful for your customer. You need to be original when writing your texts. When working with us You will get SEO friendly content, that has your brands voice.


Bad quality images will scare your customer away and make your website look outdated. Your images has to be clear and crisp. They need to speak to your customer and search engines too. We will take your profile photo, or choose good quality stock photos for your site.

Startup Consulting

When starting out you have so much to figure out and sometimes you just need that outside perspective to help you get out of your head. With our knowledge of Web Design, SEO and Social Platforms we can help You with all things branding, website, logo, e-commerce, texts, photos, packaging.


If you like to do everything by yourself, you can get a consultation to dramatically cut the time you spend in research. Or in case you are not sure if your staff is doing the best job on your company website, use our help to get the most of your staff.


We build websites that are easy to maintain without special skills or knowledge. But if you get tired of doing everything by yourself, we offer you a monthly or quarterly maintenance plans.

Website Reviews

If You want to know how your existing page is doing, we’ll do the independent review. Just for you to understand where you are and what to improve. Maybe you don’t need a new website, just improve your content?

Save your time and energy!

What Our Clients Say

Collaboration with Sandris and Inese was quick and time efficient. They have professional approach to deliver high standard and functional website, they will help you with branding too.


They are honest but flexible, passionate about their job.



Rudo Fit Life

I enjoyed working with Webdresser team a lot. It was easy because they are passionate about their job and they are patient to customers with no knowledge about websites.


They keep their hand on pulse and help with any difficulty or question. I wish all my business partners were so easy to work with as Inese & Sandris. As a small business owner I am very satisfied with Webdresser’s price policy. They are very affordable. I will definitely choose Webdresser for my next project.




I chose Webdresser team to create my business website because I know them for a long time. They are incredibly helpful in every aspect of their business and mine.


I'm very happy with the final work as everything you can see on my website was fully created by Webdresser - logo, texts, photos, webdesign, web functionality, SEO. They have top knowledge about websites. I highly recommend them to work on your website. Thank you Inese and Sandris for your brilliant (art) Work!



Vivi Face Painting

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