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There is no point of making a website just for sake of making it.
You must work on your website for it to work for you!
We at Webdresser are here to help you with your part!

Who We Are


White Hat SEO | Photography | Customer Service | Copywriting


Web Design | Web Development | Website Maintenance

Inese and Sandris

Partners for 19 years, Spouses for 17 years, Parents for 10 years, website creators for 11 years. Sandris is a computer technician and Inese is a photographer.

Slowly but surely these professions have turned us to Web Design and SEO.

We are based in Riga, Latvia. Working from our cosy home office. Yet location is not an obstacle anymore. Thanks to Skype, we are able to do projects all over the world.

3 Reasons Why
You Should Be
Working With Us

Now, when everyone is used to responsive websites, pleasant design, and high resolution photos and even Google is all about quality content, its more important than ever to have a website that turns your viewers into your buyers, subscribers and users and is easily maintained.

Choose Us Because


Original Web Design for Your website that works


Wholesome approach to your online presence


Coaching for You when You feel stuck

Be it general maintenance, website security, SEO or content readability we are here to help You with your web desires.

We choose to work on WordPress because it has loads of pulg-ins that help you with your web sites maintenance when you are on your own.

By the way it’s great to work with us because you get both female and male perspective for your optimum results.

Let Our Clients Speak

Collaboration with Sandris and Inese was quick and time efficient. They have professional approach to deliver high standard and functional website, they will help you with branding too.


They are honest but flexible, passionate about their job.



Rudo Fit Life

I enjoyed working with Webdresser team a lot. It was easy because they are passionate about their job and they are patient to customers with no knowledge about websites.


They keep their hand on pulse and help with any difficulty or question. I wish all my business partners were so easy to work with as Inese & Sandris. As a small business owner I am very satisfied with Webdresser’s price policy. They are very affordable. I will definitely choose Webdresser for my next project.




I chose Webdresser team to create my business website because I know them for a long time. They are incredibly helpful in every aspect of their business and mine.


I'm very happy with the final work as everything you can see on my website was fully created by Webdresser - logo, texts, photos, webdesign, web functionality, SEO. They have top knowledge about websites. I highly recommend them to work on your website. Thank you Inese and Sandris for your brilliant (art) Work!



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